Spartan Race OCR Neo Grip Gloves by Fit Four | Obstacle Course Racing & Mud Run Hand Protection (Gray, Medium)


Tear up the course, not your hands, with OCR Neo Grip Gloves – one of the smartest ways to give yourself the upper hand, literally. You get protection where you need it on your skin, and extra grip where you need it in the race as you push beyond your limits. This official glove of Spartan Race will stand up to the toughest of obstacle courses. The neoprene material is double-stitched for maximum durability. It’s also the same material they use for deep dive suits, so it’s ideal for the wettest of mud runs. Then there’s the anti-slip silicone grip that works wonders in dry conditions. Whether you’re climbing, lifting, pulling, or pushing your way through the course, the OCR Neo Grip will get you there. Specially designed for obstacle course races, these Spartan gloves are meant to be as comfortable as they are functional. The 4-finger minimalist design will feel like it should – just the right layer of protection where you need it, not bulk to weigh you down. If and when you do want to take them off, they’re designed for fast removal and they’re just easy to put back on. This Spartan gear feels good, too, thanks to the extra support of a compression fit band. Sure, you’re ready to feel the burn or you wouldn’t be there, but that’s no reason to sacrifice the comfort – and protection – of one of the most valuable tools you’ll need to cross the finish line. There’s no shortage of ways to push yourself in an obstacle course race. (Why else would you do it?) But there’s never a good reason to push your luck without the best in OCR hand protection – OCR Neo Grip Gloves, Spartan tested and approved. Additional Features: Double-stitched quality construction obstacle course training and races Extra support from compression fit band Easy to take off and put back on Made of rubber-lined high-density neoprene with silicone grip; 90% neoprene, 10% silicone Unisex sizes XS-XL (see size chart)


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